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Shenyang railway bureau shenyang engineering section

The Beijing-shenyang high-speed rail, located in northeast of China and Beijing, is an important part of the beijing-harbin high-speed railway.The line runs through Beijing, Chengde Hebei province, Chaoyang city, Fuxin city, Jinzhou city, Heishan county and Shenyang city, while the beijing-shenyang high-speed railway runs through Beijing, Chengde city, Hebei province, Chaoyang city, Fuxin city and Shenyang city.

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Xiangyang lian jie Mechanical & Electrical specilized in track gauge manufacturer for many years.Our company  purchased the track gauge from xiangyang lian jie Mechanical & Electronic Co.,ltd.After the track gauge was put into use ,it can maintain stability at extremely low temperature ,  the data measured are reliable, and provide guarantee for line staff's measurement work.They will   immediately rushed to the scene  solve the problem.

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